HR Services (Employment Placement Services)

HR Services


Efficient and effective Human Resource management is a challenge to all HR professionals. Staffing, requirement placement and helping to manage people so that the organization is likely to increase the performance level is imperative to work in a productive manner.  We have ample and talented manpower resources to help companies to enhance the efficiency in teams of productivity of their workforce through our wide range of services and capabilities.   

Aims & Objectives


To innovative workforce solutions to our clients to meet the challenges in today’s competitive business environment.   

Our Focus


 Our employees are specially handpicked from the industry so that they understand the requirements of the customer better and we are able to provide better customer satisfaction, our services known as top placement consultants in Delhi also. We function as an extended arm of the client completely handling the recruitment while the clients concentrate on their core competencies. We have trained Executives, who can handle every & any recruitment needs of different types of organizations as top placement consultants in India. we are provide best employment placement services 

Shivangi Group Team Members

1. Praveen Kumar Saini 

2. Dr. Sunita 

3. Jahida Ansari

4. Dhiraj Rathi 

5. Salim Bhatti 

6. Ravi Raj 

7. Pradeep Chaube 

8. Sujeet Shrama 

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